Niu-Niu may be cards within which the player and also the dealer compare cards. the target of the sport is to divide a five-card hand into a manus of 3 cards and a paw of 2 cards. The left hand’s price should be a multiple of 10. the correct hand’s price ought to be as high as possible.

Face cards (Jacks, Queens, and Kings) have a degree price of 10. Aces area unit price one purpose every. the remainder of the cards area unit prices their face price. the worth of the correct hand is decided by the right digit of the full of its constituent cards: as an example, a hand with three and four is valued at seven, whereas a hand with seven and eight is priced at five. (the right digit of the full, 15). as a result of a right-hand price in multiples of ten has the peculiar pattern “NIU-NIU,” the best conceivable right-hand price is nine, and also the lowest is one.

Because the Chinese term “niu” could also be rendered as cow, bull, or ox, it’s conjointly noted in English as cow cow, bull bull, and ox ox. the principles area unit is a bit robust to clarify, however, the sport is easy to play.